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Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser. Product Review.

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This post is useful for those using menstrual cup.

Washing the menstrual cups with soaps that contain harmful chemicals and heavily-fragranced scents, may irritate your vagina during and after use. Rinsing with only plain water is also not recommended as it is not the hygienic and safe way.

This post is about another product I received from : Everteen

Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser.

So without a further ado, let’s check out why I recommend a Menstrual Cup Cleanser.

About Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser:

A safe and effective menstrual cup cleanser made with 100% food grade active ingredients, everteen menstrual cup cleanser washes away debris and stains easily. It also helps fight and prevent fungal and bacterial growth.

What the brand claims:

Non-toxic, anti-bacterial and 100% safe to wash. It maintains natural PH balance and kills 99.9% germs.

Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser
Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser

Packaging of Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser:

The outer packaging is a cardboard box with all the essential information and details like precautions, ingredients and how to use. Product comes in a white coloured pump bottle which can be opened and closed by twisting the cap. The box contains a mini brush to clean the cup.

Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser
Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser


Aqua, Acidum Citricum, Crodasinic LS30, Lemon oil, Palm Kernel, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Sorbate.

How to use Menstrual Cup Cleanser:

There are two ways mentioned to cleanse the menstrual cup.

How to use with container:

Add 10 ml cleanser to 200ml water.
Immerse menstrual cup in solution for 5 minutes.
Use brush to stir and clean the cup.
Rinse with clean water after 5 minutes.

How to use without container:

Pourclean water in menstrual cup.
Add 2 ml cleanser to it.
Use brush to stir and clean the cup.
Rinse with clean water after 5 minutes.

Availability: Available on all leading online stores and Everteen

Price: Rs. 360/- for 200 ml.

Shelf life: 2 yrs from mfg. date

My experience with Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser:

I followed all the steps mentioned on the box to cleanse the cup. You can go by with any option you find easy and convenient, it’s up to you.

And yes, I found it safest and easiest way to cleanse the menstrual cup. The texture is liquidy and doesn’t form too much lather, so quite easy to rinse it off.

The liquid has a mild fragrance which goes off in a few seconds.

Didn’t cause any harm to my hands during wash.

A very less product is needed to wash so the bottle will last longer.

Pros of Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser:

  • Safe to wash.
  • PH balanced.
  • Non toxic, Anti bacterial and Anti fungal.
  • Kills harmful germs.
  • Cleanses well.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy rinse formula.
  • Natural plants formula.

Cons of Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser:

  • Didn’t find any.

Final verdict:

As the brand claims Everteen Menstrual Cup Cleanser is PH balanced and kills 99.9% germs hence it is the safest and reliable way to wash menstrual cups.

Overall, happy and content with the product and recommend it to everyone using menstrual cups.
I must say, Everteen is a reliable brand, as I have used it’s other products too.

Visit their website for more information-

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This is a sponsored post but the review shared is honest and based upon my personal experience.

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Fabeya Organic Coffee Gel – Review.

Fabeya Organic Coffee Gel

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well.
It’s been a long time I haven’t posted anything on blog.

So, here I am back again with a review of a skin care product which I am using for past one month. For the first time I am using such product having coffee ingredient. Coffee is known as a good alternative remedy for the skin. It is used as post-sun care and exfoliater. Also it reduces inflammation, hyperpigmigmentation, treat dark circles and acnes.

I bought this product especially to apply on body skin.

So keep reading to find out how the product turned out for me.

Ingredients: Aqua, Aloe Vera Juice, Glycerin, Methylelisothiazolinone, Carbomer, EDTA Di sodium, Coffee Powder, Natural Fragrance.

Packaging: The product comes in a sturdy and transparent plastic tub sealed with foil and a silver lid on it which makes it spill proof and also keeps the product in a hygienic condition. It has all the required information on it.

How to use: Use small dallop in a circulation motion on face/ body for gentle exfoliation using fingertips. Keep it as leave on or rinse it off with warm water in 5 mins.

Shelf life: 36 months from the date of manufacturing.

Price : 349/- for 340 ml quantity.

What it claims: It is free from Paraben, Sulphate, Alcohol, Phthalate, Artificial colours and Petro Chemical. The product moisturises, exfoliates, nourishes, restores and refreshes the skin.

Consistency and Fragrance: It has a thick consistency and in brown colour. Also due to presence of coffee powder it has a strong fragrance of coffee.

My take on product/my experience:

When I came across this product I got to know it’s a 100% natural product, Organic Coffee Gel. I love Aloe Vera gels and also coffee is my favourite so thought to try it as a skin product.

I applied the gel on my skin massaging with my finger tips in circular motion.

I loved the coffee fragrance and also Aloe vera gel is known as a good moisturiser so, post bath I felt my skin soft and supple. Also felt a cooling effect due to presence of Aloe Vera Gel.

It cleanses the skin but have to be harsh while scrubbing which is not a good thing so, I found it average product in terms of cleansing. It feels light on skin when applied. The gel has a strong coffee fragrance which doesn’t last long. It doesn’t feel greasy and removes easily. I didn’t face any type of allergy on my skin post using. It didn’t harm my skin but a bit disappointed. Also it doesn’t work for spots or pigmentation.

Availability: On all online stores with discount.


  • Herbal formulation.
  • Contains Aloe Vera Gel that moisturises and hydrates the skin.
  • Free from Parabens and artificial colours.
  • Travel friendly due to thick consistency.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Cleanses the skin as an average.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Reasonable price


  • Smell doesn’t last long.
  • Not cleanses well.

Final verdict:

Overall it’s an average product. Personally disappointed as the fragrance vanishes soon. The only plus point is that it moisturises and makes skin soft and works a bit for cleansing. Those who love coffee fragrance and have oily skin may find it useful as it is not greasy.

Will repurchase or not :

Have you tried it? Let me know how was your experience?

(You can also check my review over

Iba Halal Aloe vera Gel)

P.S :

This is not a sponsored post. Review is honest and based on my personal experience. Patch test recommended before applying any new product on facial skin.

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