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I Am The Boss Of My Own! (Poetry)

I am the Boss of my own. #The Woman That I Am

I locked up myself,

my dreams and aspirations,

behind the doors of,

patriarchy and


evils of self-doubts,

and inhibitions,

confined me,

to stay in my,

comfort zone.

So many duties and,


to be fulfilled,

my own priorities,

took a back seat,

I wasn’t connected yet,

with my real self,

pleasing others or,

living up to others’ expectations,

were the certain obligations,

in my small world.

But somewhere,

in the depth

of my heart,

I longed for the freedom,

to take my,

own decisions.

I longed for the dignity,

to keep my,

head held up high .

I longed for the independency,

from all the,

restrictions and boundaries.

I longed for the wings,

to soar above the hills,

beyond the sky.

Some tough days,

shaked my mind and soul,

tried to weaken me,

I tend to lose my sanity,

until one day,

a gloomy awakening light,

hit my soul.

I encountered,

my inner self,

to whom I was,

unaware of.

With huge introspection and


I discovered,

my own beliefs,

values, purpose

and goals.

With courage and full determination,

I rose up once again,

to overcome the shackles,

and hindrances,

which ceased me to move on.

Breaking all the barriers,

and ignoring all the restrictions,

coming my way,

I took the charge,

with full grit and potential,

to never ever give up.

For, I am the boss of my own!

Now, days are gone

when I couldn’t rebel,

restrictions were set on me,

life seemed like a hell.

Now, am prepared

to shun

all the evils

that tend to

diminish my


For, I am the boss of my own!

Now, I have the strength,

and zeal to deal,

with waves of challenges.

Now, I have the power to,

overcome all barriers,

coming my way.

Now, I have the ability to,

triumphant over,

all the grave situations.

For, I am the boss of my own!

Now, I do not want anyone,

to help me,

to support me,

to look after me,

to show sympathy,

or love me.

Now, I am capable enough,

to love, help and look after myself,

to accomplish the mystery of ‘Real me’,

to set the goals and follow the dreams.

Now, I need no appreciation,

or judgement to be passed,

no validation or,

any sort of reward.

For, I am the boss of my own!

Now, I have the willpower,

courage and desire,

to fly high up in the sky,

and set the fire.

Now, I love myself,

accepting all the flaws,

and imperfections.

My eyes brim with an excitement,

as life is now full of joy,

and contentment.

For, I am the boss of my own!

This is the Woman in me, Woman in you and Woman in all of us. This poem is dedicated to all the women across the globe, who face all the odds in their lives, with grit and courage thereby inspiring others to take the charge of their lives.

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