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Hey Mom! You Can… (Poetry)

Hey Mom! You can….

At times you would feel as failed,
unworthy and completely shattered
judging yourself, your own identity and skills
drowning deep into toxicity
with no support and help.
Remind yourself that moment
when you survived the dreadful pains,
which transmitted you once to hell
you felt fatigued, breathless and drained,
left with no hope or energy to thrive but
for the sake of your own creation
your part of flesh and blood,
you decided to be calm and strong
as the creator chose you for this miracle to happen,
instantly you closed your eyes
inhaled all the positive vibes,
that passed through the divine light
and you pushed hard just for the last time
only to receive your bundle of joy that,
The Almighty bestowed upon you
safely in your hands.
If you could do this
Hey Mom,
then no other hindrance
or adversity can ever weaken you.

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Mom of two boys, homemaker loves sharing her thoughts and experiences about mom and baby care, diy skin and hair care , beauty recipes.Blogging has given me new friends, new world and a lot of confidence which has helped me to find a new me and I still have to go a long way to explore more. I believe the most beautiful thing a woman can wear is her confidence. Thanks.

49 thoughts on “Hey Mom! You Can… (Poetry)

  1. Wow such a beautiful poem.yes we mommies go through difficult situations and emotions time to time and your poem is beautiful reminder to be strong and embrace the imperfections of life too.

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  2. “as the creator chose you for this miracle to happen” thats so heart touching. We have been given this divine role of “Mom” to play. When God chose us for his role, then there is no ifs and buts about the strength we have within us.

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  3. Beautifully weaved words for the best creation of the GOD whom we called ‘MOTHER’. The most divine loving soul, the strongest pillar of the family, who put herself at the last spot in terms of well being, is only moms ❀️. The pain she bears to bring us into the world, we as a daughter can only understand once we become mothers. The heartfelt poem made me so emotional. Keep Writing!

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  4. Such a beautiful poem dedicated to mom! Moms are the best nothing can ever weaken them. My mom is my inspiration she is fighting cancer but even that does not weaken her spirit.

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  5. Mothers are special because they work round the clock without any complaints to keep you happy. They curb their desires to fulfill yours and do everything for their family and children. Even if your mother is a working mom, she still manages the job, her house, and does all your work without you having to say anything. These words are beautiful!

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  6. Beautiful verse. The journey of motherhood is full of ups and downs but one should give credit to every mom for braving through it.

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  7. Wow, Sonia – your poem has really brightened my day. Started reading your poem as the first thing in the morning made my day and gave me enthu to tackle the day heads on!! Beautifully captured the inner strength of mom and her journey!! Loved it

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  8. This a beautiful poem I have read. We mothers are capable of doing so many things. Kudos to all beautiful mothers and lovely lines you have written.

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  9. Motherhood is one ride and with the baby motivating You can! is all that a mother wants. Beautifully expressed, women are strong and can face challenges, your poem describes this perfectly.

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  10. What an heartfelt and beautiful poem! This is exactly the kind of encouragement and love every mom needs from her immediate family. Moms work tirelessly and selflessly in tending to the needs of the children, a little appreciation and recognition goes a long a way to cheer her up.

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  11. Oh Man. I remember that one last Push. such a dreadful time but everything was worth it as we heard the crying piece of flesh. For the first time I have read a beautiful description of that one last push. keep going!

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