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Book Review : The Corner Cradle by Supriya Shukla.

Book: The Corner Cradle.

Author: Supriya Shukla

Publisher: Notionpress

Pages: 112

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Genre: Fiction

About author:

The author is a Kolkata based writer, has a technical background and wrote many poems and short stories earlier in English and Hindi languages.

It’s a debut novel of the author Supriya Shukla.

Plot Summary:

The story talks about a main protagonist, Khushi who unfortunately is a witness of the murder of her mother and little brother. This incident creates a great impact on her mind. The traumatic experience leaves her feeling isolated in her own world but somehow she manages to make a habit of sitting in a corner comforting herself in her own virtual cradle.

The author has described the whole story in flashback.

Next, she moves on to a different place which helps reduce negative effect on her mind not completely, but to some extent. As her life embarks on a new journey there is still something awaiting for her. Basically, it’s a story about how one deals with a few things that remain incomplete in life.


We all have a comforting place in the corner of our heart: a virtual cradle and the title quite apts the story.

The book cover is attractive.

Book is divided into 8 chapters making it convenient to read. The author has brilliantly portrayed all the characters. One could feel the emotions of characters while reading.

The language is simple yet captivating enough to keep you bound at one place and read in one go. Usage of words is good. In certain parts, emotions are very well described through short poems.

The character I liked most is of Dhruv, her friend who was always there to listen, comfort and help her as a true friend. College life has also been described in such a way that one can relate to it.

The life of a transgender is also included in the story.

The author has successfully captured the essence of story: individuality and its acceptance.

What happens in Khushi’s life? Does she overcome all the odds in her life? To know, you can check out her book available on Amazon.

Overall, a good read. I recommend this book to all.

Book link:

Hope you enjoyed reading. Stay tuned for more upcoming book reviews.

Stay safe.

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