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Book Review: You Are Blooming by Swarnali Nath.

Hello everyone,I hope you all are safe.

As you all know, I have started sharing some book reviews on blog.

Today, I will share one of an amazing book I have read so far!In current pandemic situations where we all are stressed and feeling low, this book will surely help calm and heal your mind.Book full of positivity, hope and inspiration.

This book reminded me of other motivational books I have read, like Robin Sharma’s ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ and one of the fellow blogger Priyanka Nair’s ’26 Days 26 Ways’ based on mental health awareness and I would soon be sharing review of her book too.

So, without further ado, let’s step ahead and find out what this book really holds and why it compelled me to share.

Book Name: You Are Blooming.
Author: Swarnali Nath.
Publisher: Blogchatter.
Pages: 88
Language: English.
Format: Ebook.
Genre: Motivational.

About Author:Swarnali is an engineer, blogger and writer, also the founder of ‘The Vedic Journal’, a motivational blog. She also shares her musings on The Saffron Journal, her personal blog. Swarnali is also a part of the anthology ‘The Woman That I Am’.

She loves to write about positivity and inspiration.

About Book:

The cover of the book is stunning and vivid. The bright, yellow blooming flowers are soothing to eyes and evoke feelings of joy and positivity.’You Are Blooming’ consisting 21 motivational chapters embarks the reader on a journey of seeking the ‘light’ that resides in one’s heart.

In author’s words, you just have to find it and rekindle it.Each chapter starts with inspiring notes. The chapters are written into sections – Hope, Beauty and Grace ….each section further gets divided into 7 lessons each of hope, beauty and grace.
Step by step encouraging the readers to embark on the journey to rekindle the lamp of heart.

Review:21 chapters full of hope and positivity emphasises on finding a ray of light and hope within you, trusting on your instincts and following your heart. I am in awe of her writing style, which is so intriguing!

Every word holds magic and has a soothing effect. I found my pleasure to read and review this book.
At present, where we all are facing hard times during this pandemic, I found it to be a healing dose.Language is simple, creating magic and soothing one’s mind and soul. I loved the way author calls the readers as storyteller, brave, dreamer, fearless, sea, bliss, sunshine and so on.
As I was reading the chapters, I found my mind at peace. The words woven beautifully took me into the world of serenity. Would pick up this book whenever I need some dose of positivity.

Some magical words I would like to mention:

  • You have a pool of divinity hidden inside you. The divine power to make everything right, to grant others mistakes, to forgive them despite everything.
  • When everyone seems to leave us in the road of despair, your heart is always there to direct you towards the right path.
  • Today’s challenge could be turned into triumphs, all you need is to rethink and recreate the plan.
  • Even stars get broken sometimes, but they always try to collect the pieces, and then, they shine in universe.
  • The magic resides in you. It’s like the hidden treasure buried within you for years.
  • You are much powerful than you think. You have the power to turn your scars into a glorious tale of life.
  • Trust your power of intuition. It never guides you wrong.
  • You have the power to change the way of your life by bringing the positive energy to you and surrounding the good vibes.
  • Where the light can’t, a prayer does.
  • Kindness begins with you. Kindness is a flame of the lamp you hold in your heart.
  • You may think that forgiveness is an act of weakness, but the truth is that, only courageous people can forgive.
  • Forgiveness is not your weakness, forgiveness is your strength.

I highly recommend this book, which will surely prove to be a refreshing treat for your mind.

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Stay tuned for more upcoming book reviews.
Stay safe.

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