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I Am The Boss Of My Own! (Poetry)

I am the Boss of my own. #The Woman That I Am

I locked up myself,

my dreams and aspirations,

behind the doors of,

patriarchy and


evils of self-doubts,

and inhibitions,

confined me,

to stay in my,

comfort zone.

So many duties and,


to be fulfilled,

my own priorities,

took a back seat,

I wasn’t connected yet,

with my real self,

pleasing others or,

living up to others’ expectations,

were the certain obligations,

in my small world.

But somewhere,

in the depth

of my heart,

I longed for the freedom,

to take my,

own decisions.

I longed for the dignity,

to keep my,

head held up high .

I longed for the independency,

from all the,

restrictions and boundaries.

I longed for the wings,

to soar above the hills,

beyond the sky.

Some tough days,

shaked my mind and soul,

tried to weaken me,

I tend to lose my sanity,

until one day,

a gloomy awakening light,

hit my soul.

I encountered,

my inner self,

to whom I was,

unaware of.

With huge introspection and


I discovered,

my own beliefs,

values, purpose

and goals.

With courage and full determination,

I rose up once again,

to overcome the shackles,

and hindrances,

which ceased me to move on.

Breaking all the barriers,

and ignoring all the restrictions,

coming my way,

I took the charge,

with full grit and potential,

to never ever give up.

For, I am the boss of my own!

Now, days are gone

when I couldn’t rebel,

restrictions were set on me,

life seemed like a hell.

Now, am prepared

to shun

all the evils

that tend to

diminish my


For, I am the boss of my own!

Now, I have the strength,

and zeal to deal,

with waves of challenges.

Now, I have the power to,

overcome all barriers,

coming my way.

Now, I have the ability to,

triumphant over,

all the grave situations.

For, I am the boss of my own!

Now, I do not want anyone,

to help me,

to support me,

to look after me,

to show sympathy,

or love me.

Now, I am capable enough,

to love, help and look after myself,

to accomplish the mystery of ‘Real me’,

to set the goals and follow the dreams.

Now, I need no appreciation,

or judgement to be passed,

no validation or,

any sort of reward.

For, I am the boss of my own!

Now, I have the willpower,

courage and desire,

to fly high up in the sky,

and set the fire.

Now, I love myself,

accepting all the flaws,

and imperfections.

My eyes brim with an excitement,

as life is now full of joy,

and contentment.

For, I am the boss of my own!

This is the Woman in me, Woman in you and Woman in all of us. This poem is dedicated to all the women across the globe, who face all the odds in their lives, with grit and courage thereby inspiring others to take the charge of their lives.

I hope you enjoyed reading this poetry. Do show some love by liking, commenting and sharing with others. This encourages me to write more.

Thanks for reading, Stay connected,❤️

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Mom of two boys, homemaker loves sharing her thoughts and experiences about mom and baby care, diy skin and hair care , beauty recipes.Blogging has given me new friends, new world and a lot of confidence which has helped me to find a new me and I still have to go a long way to explore more. I believe the most beautiful thing a woman can wear is her confidence. Thanks.

116 thoughts on “I Am The Boss Of My Own! (Poetry)

  1. Oh yes!!! loved it! especially Now, I love myself,

    accepting all the flaws,

    and imperfections.

    My eyes brim with an excitement,

    as life is now full of joy,

    and contentment.
    these lines

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  2. Today’s women are adorned with patience and perseverance, which has helped them to attain the pinnacle of success. Your poem is just perfect way to express this. Yes I am boss of my own! Lovely write up Sonia. Women are definitely redesigning the globe. – Romila

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  3. What an inspirational poem which reflects the strength of a woman if she decides no one can stop to choose her path and mark her presence to the world. Now she is stronger enough to deal with all the odds whether anyone wants to help her or not. She is the boss of her own well-deserved title. Kudos Sonia! Very well written.

    Deepika Mishra

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  4. Nice powerful poem of the Woman who is the boss of her own life, poetry, writings, and thoughts too.
    Loving yourself with imperfections, having the strength to face challenges, with courage and determination is the Woman of today certainly. Nice poem

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  5. Wow what a brilliant poetry you have written!! Strength, power, courage you have portrayed everything so well. Kudos to you!! More power to you girl.

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  6. What a power-pack description of a strong woman, being the boss of our own, is no lesser than any acheivement. That’s the woman of this era, she knows her imperfections, she acknowledge it, she accepts and she strongly works on it but never give up before any situation.

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  7. An inspiring and empowering poetry. A boss of your own- rising above challenges and being the strong woman you are, bravo! More power to you and all the women!

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  8. The journey from self to self discovery is long and winding. But it is the most satisfying journey of them all. Nicely written Sonia. I hope that all the women of the world are able to realize their self worth.

    Meena from

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  9. We are what we dream. We can rise up despite odds. Every woman can be what she wishes to be. Lovely words that encourage us all to keep working our way to the top, its the only way to go right?! – brinda

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  10. You took the reins of your life in your hands. You are indeed your own boss. Rising above the patriarchy society and being your boss is difficult and you have described the journey very beautifully in your poem.

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  11. “With courage and full determination,

    I rose up once again,

    to overcome the shackles,

    and hindrances,

    which ceased me to move on.”
    Loved the poetry..You have expressed so much through your post..Your ode to womanhood was very emotional.. Best wishes for your future posts..

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  12. Loved your poetry, being your own boss is important and when women realise this they can achieve the unachievable. You brought it out so well. Very well written and amazing expression. Kudos
    Deepika Sharma

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  13. More willpower courage to get you flying high and set the fire Dear !! Such a wonderful poem for a women accepting herself as she is !! She is her own boss !!and no body can stop her to reach where she wants too !!

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  14. Taking charge of life and being our own bosses is most important. It is such a simple concept but the monkey mind plays all the games. Hope all of us get the courage to take charge of our lives and be our own bosses. Thanks for sharing.

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  15. Seriously my dear Sonia, you are the boss and of course as per your dilghtful composition every woman must feel like a boss… You penned it beautifully and the way you executed the whole sequence in this poem is remarkable…
    God bless you
    Keep writing and keep inspiring…

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  16. बहुत ही अच्छी और खूबसूरती के साथ आपने एक आम स्त्री के मन की बात को अपनी कविता में दर्शाया है।👌👌👌👏👏👏

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  17. Well penned, Sonia. And truly inspirational words. We are the boss of our own, and the onus is upon us to take the reins of our lives into our own hands. More power to you. Keep inspiring.

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  18. Yes we are all the boss of our own! Lucky to be born in these times when women have so many opportunities. Love the way the poem expresses our journey – the bad and the good. It is truly uplifting to read! – Brinda

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  19. There are so many restrictions, some self-made and some imposed by society…it comes across so beautifully. Only, if we could all take charge and become our own boss, things would change for the better. Loved the poetry!

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  20. Such power packed poem.. The tag line “I am the boss of my own” is wonderful. the moment you own your own self, u stop caring what others think and what others have to say. That is the biggest lesson women of today need to learn to be empowered. U have brought up a very important issue. kudos to u for that. 🙂

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  21. Very well expressed!! It perfectly explains the sacrifices and choices women make everyday for others and yet keep smiling only to get criticized or no appreciation at all. But, yes, this needs to change. It is changing but still the majority is still living in that old bubble and we need to break it. Well written, keep going!!

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  22. So inspired by the poetry. Sometimes simplicity is attractive and so Powerful. You expressed so nicely . Even I want to write one such poem. Definitely taking charge because I am the boss of my own. #damurureads Urvashi

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  23. Such simply put yet so powerful! Loved the transformation from someone who abided by every rule and then became a boss of her own. The best place to be.

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  24. Lady, you are a take charge woman. I have seen you transform, you are one hard working and determined sould I have come across. You have learned things, upgraded yourself and empowered yourself and your poetry depicts the same emotions. More power to you Soni 💜

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  25. Beautiful ode to self
    So true, loving ourselves makes the huge difference and it’s the best gift we can give ourselves.
    Happy to grab this poem to read…
    Loads of love your way …

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  26. Your pic speaks volumes about yourself. The boss attitude and I like it. It is ironical that most women go through a similar pang of pain yet are so secretive and then burst out. Women try to make peace with every situation and in the bargain get targeted. Lovely poem and nice writing style

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  27. Very true and very well written. Self awareness, self love and self respect is what makes the difference. Loved the way you expressed your feelings in the form of a poetry. Glad you are a part of this blog hop and thanks for sharing this beautiful piece with us 🙂

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  28. Beautiful tribute to all the women out there and above all womanhood itself. You maintained the rhyming while still holding on to what you wanted to convey Sonia ji. We are so happy that you gave us a chance.
    #RRxMM #TheWomanThatIAm

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  29. Indeed we are the boss of our own lives. Your post is all what a woman needs to be now. Amazingly written Soniya !

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