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Do Sunday Exists In A Mom’s Life?

Do Sunday exist in a mother’s life? I haven’t seen yet in my married life.

Sunday is known as a holiday, a day off in a week, a break from mundane work, a rest day for students and office-goers.

So, basically everyone has a day to rest, to recharge oneself after a hectic week but why not for a mom?

In my entire life, I have hardly seen my mother, grandmother, aunts take rest or break from kitchen or other house chores.
Exception were days, they fall ill but, that break couldn’t be too long as, there was a whole family dependent on her for their meals, ironed neat clothes, clean organised house and many other small things.

So, what we mothers do in such situation?
We take medicines, that too without doctor’s prescription, no matter, how badly they affect our body!

Atleast, I have done it many times so, that my kids do not miss their school, my husband doesn’t miss his meals or doesn’t gets late for his office and my routine of house doesn’t get halted.

And I bet, my mother, mother-in-law and all the women’s have done this or still do this, even you!Isn’t it!

Let’s admit, we are taught to be in such a way. In fact, we are doing what we have seen our moms doing, right?Remember, as a kid, students or just teenagers what Sundays meant to us!

As the Monday commenced, we eagerly waited for the coming Sunday.

Sundays was reserved for sleeping till late hours, lying on the bed watching our favourite shows and for some it was outing with friends having lunch, shopping or watching new movie.

I agree that marriage changes the lives of a woman. We are in the responsibility of taking care of our family 24 hrs a day, but why are we not allowed to take care of ourselves also?

We are always happy to serve our family but when we will serve our own selves?

Seems selfish? Guilt engulfing your minds? It’s normal.

Now, this is how we are brought up with such mindsets.

Ok, not for the whole day but, at least mid afternoons.
Shouldn’t they be spared merely for us so atleast, we can take a nap, binge on Netflix, sip a cup of hot tea or coffee which we usually have to skip or sometimes have it only when it gets cold.

I know, not only me but, you all mothers out there, are longing for such Sundays, when a day before, we would be shouting – Wow! Tomorrow is Sunday, let’s plan something.
Or just atleast be excited of getting a chance to sleep uninterrupted.

So, how would you want your Sundays be like?

Will these desires ever turn in reality or we would be just saving them as drafts in our closed diaries?

I hope you could relate to my words and enjoyed reading.

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