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I admit I am not a perfect mom, do you?

Motherhood journey is a mixture of good and bad emotions. It comes with so many ups and downs. It brings along joy, excitement, pride as well as mistakes, guilts and pains.

As moms we all get overly engrossed in doubts of whether we are taking good care of our children. We all make mistakes, let’s admit it. Parenting does not come in manual. Motherhood is all about learning. We all learn from our mistakes.

As our children grow day by day, our experiences grow. We are moms but we are humans first. It’s common to make mistakes or have imperfections in our motherhood journey. We can’t be perfect all the time.

In today’s life where we have to juggle between our kids, chores, in-laws and husband, it’s quite common to come up with a messy house.

Sometimes in process of performing all our duties and that too with perfection, our whole energy sucks out. This effects our mental and physical health, which results in crankiness, anxiety and frustration. We start judging ourselves. We try to focus on our weakness and get engross in huge guilt.

Now, as homemakers if we get exhausted, how would it be possible to manage our house and family? Actually, what happens that we all are in a habit of looking our house clean and organised but after having kids it’s quite impossible to keep the house organised 24/7 a day.

A slippery floor, toys scattered everywhere, food stains on furniture and carpets,this all is a common scenario of a house having kids. It’s perfectly ok. You need not stress yourself by sweeping or making your house look neat and clean every now and then.

Giving liberty to kids for what they want to eat, drink or do also often brings a lot of guilt to moms.

“He would catch cold and fever in rains”

“That extra piece of chocolate bar will cause him tooth decay”

“Rolling in mud and playing in sands in not acceptable, the germs might infect her”

“No cartoons, it may effect your eyesight” Yes, I admit these are all my dialogues and I bet every moms too.

We are so concerned about making them good, disciplined and obedient kids that we forget that over strictness can lead to adverse effects. Why to snatch away their joy, innocence and fun, just to get the tag of a perfect mom? Sometimes we regret of not spending enough quality time with them, but quality matters, not quantity. “I am a bad mom as I have made a choice to work leaving my son behind at home”

“I am not a good mom, as I don’t spend enough time with my children.” Every moment we keep on burdening our minds with thoughts about what people would say about us or our parenting. What if I am criticised or judged? This “Perfect” word is a culprit behind the depressed, unhappy moms. I too faced all this after having kids!

Initially, I too tried my best to keep my house look tidy every time.

I was always running behind my kids, yelling on them to maintain hygiene, discipline and what not?

Why? Just because I wanted to be a perfect mom.

All the time I was in self-doubt that am I a good mom? Am I doing things perfect for my kids? All the time, struggling to make my house look perfect and myself as a perfect mom left me so much exhausted.

But soon I realised, in trying to be a perfect mom I was depriving my kids from the joy and fun they deserved.

I and my kids were losing our peace of mind just for the sake of my perception of looking perfect and not to be judged by people around me. Now, I let my kids have junk but in moderation, have screen time but in limitation, let them play in rain or mud but also make sure they have a shower once back at home.

That precious smile and joy on their face is enough for a mom to say “you are the best and perfect mom”

We all are doing best for our kids. All mothers are best in their own different ways, being perfect is a myth.

So let’s not worry about our imperfections and focus on raising happy kids.

Let’s not stress about looking perfect mom all the time and try to be a happy mom.

Let’s cherish all the sweet moments and make memories. It’s better to be an imperfect mom rather than to be an exhausted, tired or cranky mom to our kids.

I admit that I am not a perfect mom and I am ok with it, Do you?

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