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How I am treasuring the precious moments with my kids.

I am a mom of two boys and that too the naughty ones, who always keep me on my toes. Sending them to school, preparing breakfast, helping in studies, house chores and sometimes act as a referee to my WWF boys really sucks me out.

Now as a mom we all know after having kids, life will not be same – the carefree one. We live for our kids as per their routine. Motherhood is the toughest job. We have to be patient all the time especially when kids are around us. Sometimes in life, everything does not move smoothly and easily. We act as supermoms and somewhere we forget that we are a human being too. We get overwhelmed, and cranky and feel to vent out. Situations seem to be out of control and we feel like giving up.

One day I was in the same situation when a voice surprised me “it’s ok mom”. I looked up wiping my tears and sighed recognising that this was genuine empathy my son was showing. I had been mumbling under my breath something that was disturbing me. I am the one who does all the work with honesty and expect nothing but still getting complaints in return. Am I not entitled to get a smile or some respect?!

Perhaps my 10 years old boy, my eldest child was old enough to notice. The words “it’s ok mom” seemed to come from an adult instead of one of my dependents. I felt relieved hearing his words, somewhere he was right! I am in the stage of motherhood where this is natural to come.

So moms, take a deep breath! This is not too much to worry about as our life comes with so many trials. Rather than holding on the grudges try to move ahead. Well, this is something I realised-

This is my own journey and I have got it once. No other person can help me in my parenting.

They are my children, my part. They are mine forever but will not be with me forever.

Once they have outgrown my lap, they”ll never be there again. They are with me for a short time. One day they”ll leave my nest, so rather than cherishing these moments why I am engrossed in the grief?

Since that day, I have found ways to cherish these moments and savor my children while having them.

  • I watch them without blinking when they sleep.
  • I hug them often while making them bathe, brushing their hair or while study time.
  • Break my parenting rule by giving extra playtime, allowing them to have sweets or let them enjoy with their favourite cartoon shows.
  • Fill up my phone gallery with their photos.
  • Accompany them in their mischievous acts.
  • Remember my childhood helps me to appreciate their’s.
  • Trying to give a distraction-free block of time – without TV or gadget.
  • The more amount of eye contact with my children.Listen and listen.
  • Changing from no to yes mom however, this step should be in moderation.

What do you do to cherish these precious moments? Let me know in the comment section.

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