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Fill your cup! My ways of self care methods when life got over whelming.

There were days when I had enough time to pamper myself, free weekends to go on a date with my husband, short trips, movies.

Now I don’t have that freedom as I am a mom to two boys. My whole day revolves around my kids.

From the day my elder son was born my routines, my schedules had changed.

I had a maid to help in my household chores. I had stopped visiting nearby markets and totally depended on my husband for any need or purchase.

It was a long time I had visited Temple or Gurudwara in my locality, which used to be my daily morning routine. No physical activity to keep me fit. Literally shouting and yelling on my kids. Everything in my life seemed stressful.

I was busy nurturing and raising my kids. I had to take care of my family, do chores and at the same time be patient with all the mess created around.

It left me exhausted and cranky at the end.

With all the added stress of house chores and other commitments I had forgotten to take care of myself.

Now we all know that self-care should be a priority in our life but we still ignore. In fulfilling the demands of our loved ones, our own needs and desires take a back seat.

I kept on making excuses that I am too busy to do anything for myself. After all, we women have been programmed like this only, be the caregiver.

I could not cope with my daily stress. All this was taking a toll on my physical and mental health. I had lost my confidence too.

But the things changed, the moment my children went to school. I had some extra hours to spend with myself. Soon, I realised and took over the charge of my life

I knew that only I can get myself out of this mess. Our society teaches us that taking care of ourselves first is a selfish thing but I don’t believe in this.

I have been indulging myself in such few things that inspire me, make me feel happy and keep my body healthy and active.

Now, for me it need not be perfect. Something is better than nothing.

Physical activity:

Well, honestly, I am not an early morning person, also my kids have different school timings and that too early so, no more time for gym or morning walk but still I made changes.

I do my household chores all by myself. I climb stairs twice or thrice a day, go to market to make some purchases and visit temple in morning and evening time.

Pursue my passion :

I loved reading and soon I found the passion of writing. It helped me to vent out my feelings, made me calm and content. I was enjoying. I came across many like-minded bloggers in form of true friends.

This not only filled me with confidence but helped increase my knowledge and changed my perspective towards life.

It also helped me to transform my mindset. Apart from reading and writing, I spend my time listening to music.

Taking care of diet:

We women often skip our meals and sometimes grab the leftover to avoid wastage.

Now how can we take care of the health of our children or our family if we are not fit and fine!

I have never been a person who binges on fried food. I follow a healthy diet, never skip breakfast in fact, if I feel hungry, I never feel guilty of having it earlier than my family.

Also, I keep myself hydrated by sipping water throughout the day. It not only keeps my skin hydrated from inside but from outside too.

Proper skin care regime:

Now I admit, I was too lazy to take care of my skin. After all mom’s are like this only, especially post delivery.

Because of lack of proper sleep and not taking care of my skin, I was facing pimples and dark circles.

These are the signs of unhealthy skin, right!

So besides a healthy diet, I indulged in proper skin care routine and that also with homemade ingredients.

There is no harm in pampering yourself. It’s not a sin if you make efforts to look presentable. Instead, It makes you feel good.


When I follow these tips, I feel energetic. My body feels better. I feel positive energy inside me.

All these things fill my cup!

They make me smile, feed my body and soul.

Taking care of yourself first is not a selfish act. By putting yourself first, you are ensuring others get the best version of you.

You are more capable of taking care of your family. You have more time to spend with them.

So please go out and fill your own Cup. Not only me but, your close ones would be glad you did.

What do you do to keep your cup full? Which ways you follow to maintain your sanity?

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