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Think different to be the strong woman standing out in the crowd. (Poetry)

A very Happy Womens Day to all my readers.😊

Day 5 – Pic Prompt.

Be the strong woman who lift and build others…..
Don’t let compassion and empathy be the signs of your weakness….

Trust your instincts, don’t let them go waste…
Be a free bird, who cannot be caged.

Go conquer the world, chase your dreams

Don’t care or bother, what others will think.

Be enthusiastic…. Be open
You are unique in your own way.
You have only one life…
So live as you wish, don’t be afraid.

Be different…. think different…
Be the strong woman standing out in crowd.
And you will be get noticed.

I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019.

This post was based on the prompt for Day 5 – ‘Pic prompt.
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