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How does forgiveness promote peace.

We are humans and making mistakes are common. We cannot be perfect in every task however we can try to do our best. We give our best but no one can make clear assumptions about what would be the result as outcomes are not in our control.

So, many times things do not do well or do not come up to our expectations.

Now, this can happen with me, you or any other person in our life. Nobody is perfect!

So, do you hold on the grudges for a long time and held someone else responsible for the failure, any mishappening or wrong thing?

Or forgive?

Often we have misunderstandings or disputes, we get annoyed and create a distance with our loved ones. In this outrage we let our pride come before our love.

We see only and only mistakes. We argue, we show hatred; we stick to our own side not letting the other person clarify or rectify and just ruin our relations.

We don’t think for a single moment that what if we would be in that person’s place?

Don’t let this happen.

Now if the person has done a mistake and not willing to accept that’s a different thing but if a person is guilty and asks for forgiveness, how are we supposed to react?

Forgive him or just ruin our relationship in a fit of anger and ego?
Obviously, it’s better to just forgive and move on.

We all do mistakes, but the best thing is how we learn from our mistakes and bring out the best version of ourselves. So we should be try to make things better and smooth in our life.

We all are blessed with such a beautiful life and loved ones around us. Just cherish them.
Life is too short to live.
Just forgive and appreciate what we have.

Mistakes can’t be rectified, the past cannot be changed but we can realise our errors, learn from them and try not to repeat them in the future.

Letting go of the things can be hard, but not impossible. The ability to forgive requires greatness.
When we hold on the anger, it fuels resentment which is a big hindrance in our progress of healing a wounded heart. It is an emotion which involves hatred, humiliation and sometimes revenge.

Which again is not a favourable thing.

No quarrels, no disagreements can solve our problems.

Feeling bitter can weaken the immune system and affect our physical and mental health too. We are more likely to have high blood pressures and suffer depression.
Keeping anger alive for a long time can trap you in negativity and you won’t be able to enjoy the present.

Forgiveness can heal a wounded heart, create magic, do wonders for the broken relationships and let us move forward leaving the past behind.

Forgiveness shifts you from anxiety and stress towards peace of mind. It brings calmness, confidence and positivity. It also makes you more compassionate.

Now some would think forgiveness is the sign of weakness, by forgiving we let that person repeat the abuse or offence.

No! If you are forgiving the abuser, it means you are weighing down the negative things off your shoulders.
Just replace the negativity of revenge and hatred with the positivity of peace and compassion.
Be firm with the abuser that this would not be acceptable in the future.
The harm done to you can’t be forgotten but somewhere it will lessen the bitterness.

Here are tips to help you move towards forgiveness:

  • Express your feelings, pour out your heart on a piece of paper.
  • Meditate or pray.
  • Talk to someone you trust.
  • Try yoga or deep breathing techniques to calm your mind.

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I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019.

This post was based on the prompt for Day 1 –‘FORGIVE’.
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