I Am The Boss Of My Own! (Poetry)

I am the Boss of my own. #The Woman That I AmI locked up myself, my dreams and aspirations,behind the doors of,patriarchy andrestrictions, evils of self-doubts,and inhibitions,confined me,to stay in my,comfort zone. So many duties and,responsibilities,to be fulfilled, my own priorities,took a back seat,I wasn't connected yet,with my real self, pleasing others or,living up to … Continue reading I Am The Boss Of My Own! (Poetry)

Nature Sure Hair Growth Oil – Review

As I use my DIY mixture of 2-3 oils religiously so, I don't have issues of rainfall in regular days. But, I often suffer from hair fall before and after winter due to weather changes. This time also, I was a bit lazy to follow my proper hair care regime due to my kids' exams … Continue reading Nature Sure Hair Growth Oil – Review

Fabeya Organic Coffee Gel – Review.

Fabeya Organic Coffee Gel Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. It's been a long time I haven't posted anything on blog. So, here I am back again with a review of a skin care product which I am using for past one month. For the first time I am using such product having … Continue reading Fabeya Organic Coffee Gel – Review.