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Trichup Keratin Hair Mask and Shampoo- Review

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So today I am going to talk about 2 hair care products I received. Trichup Keratin Hair Mask and Trichup Keratin Shampoo by Vasuhealth care. One by one I’m going to provide a detailed review.

About brand (Vasu Health care)

Vasu healthcare with its rich culture and deeply rooted legacy since 1980 was established with one precise aim to serve society by introducing quality herbal and ayurvedic products. With our belief to heal health ailments with natural botanicals we have developed more than 200 highly effective products. Our main vision is to establish science based, problem solving head to heel brand, harnessed from nature’s wealth and characterized by trust and healthy lives.

Product Name: Trichup Hot Oil Treatment Hair Mask.

Trichup Keratin Hair Mask


Rs. 699/- for 500 ml.

Why Trichup Keratin Hair Mask:

Get hassle free and salon like hair care in the convenience and comfort of your own home.

Trichup Keratin Hair Mask

Ingredients of Trichup Keratin Hair Mask

Aqua, cetearyl alcohol, glycerine, Cetyl alcohol, Behentrimonium, Methosulfate, Hydrolyzed keratin, hydroxyethylcellulose, Parfum, Disodium EDTA, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone.

Directions for use:

Spread over wet hair from root to tip after shampooing. Leave for about 10 to 15 minutes preferably with hair wrapped in hot towel and rinse off thoroughly.

What the brand claims:

This special Trichup Hot Oil Treatment Hair Mask contains unique Keratin which is distinct from other proteins in that it is rich in Cysteine which is responsible for its unique strength and protective qualities. A tough smooth keratin film coating the hair shaft helps reduce split ends, improves hair appearance. Keratin binds moisture to the hair and helps improve shine, volume and manageability. Better moisture content of the hair gives help in increasing flexibility and tensile strength. Its delicate fragrance further adds to your crowning glory.

Shelf life:

2 years from the date of manufacturing.


All online leading stores and Vasustore.

My experience about Trichup Keratin Hair Mask:

First of all I loved the packaging. Its quite sturdy and comes in a green plastic tub container. Post shampoo, I used this mask on my hair strands and a little extra amount on my hair ends as they tend to be more drier. It’s always a hassle for me to manage my dry hair but this mask does what it claims. I found my hair conditioned, soft and manageable. It gives a bit shine to hair. Its mild fragrance makes your hair appear fresh. It has thick creamy consistency which spreads easily. If you are looking for an easy way to deep condition your hair and can’t visit saloons then this is great to solve this purpose. One more good thing is that it is made in India. Doesn’t contain parabens so can say it’s safe and trustworthy. Rinses easily.


  • No parabens and silicones.
  • Safe to use.
  • Repairs hair damage.
  • Mild fragrance.
  • Provides shine and softness to hair.
  • Helps managing dry and frizzy hair.
  • Easy application.
  • Rinses off easily.
  • Easily available.
  • Suitable for all hair types.


  • Not travel friendly.
  • Contains a few chemicals.

Purchase link for Trichup Keratin Hair Mask

Another product I am going to introduce is Trichup Keratin Shampoo.

Trichup Keratin Shampoo

Why Trichup Keratin Shampoo:

Keratin is a protein in hair which helps to provide strength, flexibility and softness. Trichup shampoo is fortified with Keratin, which helps forming a layer over hair replacing the lost protein and helps in rebuilding strength, returns elasticity and reduces breakage. It is formulated in a gentle cleansing base with suitable conditioners which helps to leave hair healthy, shiny and frizz free.


Price: Rs. 160/- for 200 ml.

Trichup Keratin Shampoo


Ammonium lauryl sulphate, Aqua, Laureth 4, Cocamidopropyle betaine, Glycol distearate, BHT, Sodium cocoyl glycinate, Cocamide DEA, Glycerine, Hydrolyzed keratin, Polyquaternium 39, Dimethiconol, TEA- dodecylbenzenesulfonate, Parfum, Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride, Disodium EDTA, Magnesium nitrate, Methylchlorisothiazolinone, Magnesium chloride, Methylisothiaozolinone.

Directions for using Trichup Keratin Shampoo:

Apply to wet hair.. Work up a rich lather, rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

Shelf life:

3 years from the date of manufacturing.


On all leading online stores and Vasustore.

Purchase link for Trichup Keratin Shampoo:

My experience with Trichup Keratin shampoo:

The consistency is not very thick and not too runny. Lathers and cleanses the hair well. Fragrance is also good. However, I have very dry hair so little disappointed. It gives smoothness to hair but on average basis. It has conditioner in it yet, not helpful in detangling hairs. I would recommend to oil your hair before using this shampoo and follow up with a conditioner. Otherwise, except good cleansing and lathering well it doesn’t do any good to your hairs. Those having normal to oily hair can choose this shampoo if they prefer a good reasonable parabens free keratin shampoo.


  • Lathers well.
  • Mild fragrance.
  • Affordable price.
  • No parabens and SLES.
  • Spreads easily.
  • Rinses off easily.
  • Cleanses the scalp and hair.


  • Not suitable for dry hair.

Final verdict:

If you are looking for an easy way to spa your hairs at home you can go with the hair mask. For shampoo , I would say it’s an average product meant to cleanse your hairs.

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This is a sponsored post but the review shared is honest and based upon my personal experience.

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10 Ultimate and Simple Self Care Ideas For Moms.

Self care is a process or an activity we follow in order to take care of our physical and mental health.But often this concept is neglected by moms.

Being the prime caretaker of the house, moms mostly prioritise others happiness, wishes and care.They tend to keep their own desires and needs at the back seat.
And it’s normal.
Same was with me.

We are conditioned in such a way where perfectionism is the only thing that matters, isn’t it?

Moms don’t care how they feel about themselves, the only thing that makes them happy and content is that they are keeping their family happy.

Mom’s job is the best job but a hard job too. So, it’s vital that we make an effort for ourselves.

Moms often think a lot and tend to get engross in guilts, considering it as a selfish act, even I did!

But the fact is that if moms aren’t happy or feeling better, how can they make others happy or take care good care of others.

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I never acknowledged the practice of self care, until the pressure started taking a toll on my mental and physical health.
I was left fatigued and grumpy performing all the house chores, motherly duties and other responsibilities.

As a mom, I realized that this is the best thing I could do for myself.

Soon, I found my solace in reading and later, writing!

Hence, it’s vital to incorporate such self care habits that help you achieve a meaningful life, to be the best version of yourselves.

Benefits of self care for moms:

  • Makes you productive and efficient.
  • Helps gain self confidence.
  • Boosts your mental and physical health.
  • Role model for your child.
  • Fills positivity.
  • You start loving and valuing yourself.

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Here I am sharing what I know to be true about self care. Hope this post motivates you to take action and take your self care to the next level.

1. Move your body: Pregnancy changes a woman’s body. Bulgy fat, change in posture, hormonal imbalance, back pain are some of the issues faced post delivery. Moreover while catering family’s needs women tend to ignore their health which lead to severe health problems.
Now it’s time to bring your body back into alignment. Practice yoga, zumba, aerobics or even light exercises under the supervision of your gynecologist. Physical fitness can’t be avoided. If still can’t manage start with a light walk, climb stairs or just simple dance moves can aid in keeping your body active and more productive.

2. Feed your body well: To keep your body healthy and fit, you need to feed it well. Eat healthy and nutritious meals to get back the energy. Avoid junk, caffeine and alcohol. Drink plenty of water. Eating healthy and well-balanced diet improves your stamina, provides energy and nutrition to your body.Healthy food also plays a key role in balancing hormones, aid in obesity, depression and immune diseases.

3. Mental boost: Taking care of your kids and being available 24 hours for them can sometimes leave you exhausted and drained for the rest of the day. It’s important to keep yourself sane or this might affect your overall physical and mental health. Mental peace is much required while taking care of kids.
Cultivate a hobby such as sketching, dancing, singing, reading as they provide relaxation to you minds and also boost your creativity.

4. Take a break: Looking after your children, taking care of your house and managing other duties at the same time can be daunting. Don’t drag yourself in order to prove your self perfect. After all it’s your body not a machine. Take a short nap and give rest to your body as chores can wait. Also indulge in activities that rejuvenate you. Pamper yourself because if you look good, you feel good.

5. Get enough sleep: For moms, sleep is often the last thing in their routine. Lack of sleep increases the risk of heart disease, depression and diabetes. A good sound sleep is the secret of good health.

6. Ask for help: Often moms feel shy or embarrassment asking for any kind of help. They pressurise themselves to complete the task. Free yourself from any burden or workload that is overwhelming you. Asking for help doesn’t mean you are not capable or you are less than anyone.

7. Connect with others: Be in touch with your friends and family. Talk to them if you feel low or need advice. Organise a get-together or picnic on weekends with family. Good relationships can make you happy, entertained and relieve stress.

8. Practice gratitude: The best thing to keep yourself away from depression or any kind of negativity is to focus on positivity. Be grateful for what you have achieved or done. Write down about your achievements, the moments that brought smile on your face or
write journals.

9. Joy of being a parent: Apart from all the deadlines and hardships, engage with your little ones. Spend quality time with them. Please, dance or cuddle with them. Celebrate the joy of motherhood rather than overwhelming yourself in trying to be perfect. Feel proud of all the hard work you put into being a mom. A child needs a happy mom rather than a perfect mom.

10. Spend time in nature: Try to be close with the nature. Spending time amidst nature brings serenity and peace. Watch birds chirping, a river flowing or sunrise and sunset. Grow plants and take care of them. Walk up to the nearest garden with greenery around.

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Incorporating these tips in your self care routine will not only help you work productively but, boost your emotional, physical and mental health.
Just find what it is that refuels you, brings you peace and happiness. Moreover taking better care of yourself is important.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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